Contact Center Technology – How Do I Know and Where Do I Go To Find Out?

By | January 8, 2016

With all the contact center technologies available today to make your contact center more efficient, more customer friendly, more productive, and well, just more; how do you know what YOU need?  Further, how do you know if it really does make your contact center more efficient, customer friendly, or productive?   Maybe you have an IVR or maybe you’re wondering if you need an IVR.  If you have an IVR, maybe you’re wondering if you need CTI or Speech.   And, maybe you’re wondering where your PBX fits into all this technology and how best to leverage the PBX and the IVR together.  All these questions, all this technology, so little time, and, in some cases, a smaller budget than ever before.

All contact center technology needs are different requiring diverse technology solutions.   Many contact center technology decisions depend on your customer’s needs or your business strategy.   Sometimes, it can simply start with a question asked , or a comment made, by a customer, employee, or executive that launches a whole new thought process of the technology that could be implemented to take your contact center to a new level of service.

Okay, so we’ve discovered there’s an abundance of call center technology to choose from.  We’ve wondered if we need it.  And, now we’re looking at customer needs, business strategy, or other catalyst, to determine that we, in fact, do need to take the next step.   So, what should the next step be?

Many customers have found taking advantage of a VEXIS Assessment to be a key next step.   What does a VEXIS Assessment do?   Simply put, a VEXIS Assessment “assesses” YOUR specific technology needs.   It answers all those technology questions you’ve been asking yourself.  During a VEXIS Assessment, an evaluation of the current state of your customer service and integration systems occurs.  The evaluation ‘maps’ them together with current business and service objectives taking into account best practices, corporate standards, and the readiness of the infrastructure and the staff.

Depending upon the scope and timing of the VEXIS Assessment, the team may include the Account Executive and/or Senior VEXIS Designers and Solutions Architects.  The VEXIS Assessment team shares its knowledge to partner with you in selecting the correct technology solution for YOUR call center based on YOUR needs.

It’s important to note that the session between the VEXIS Assessment team and your Project Team is a collaborative effort.  This session allows for valuable information sharing and for asking and answering questions for both groups.  Based on these inputs, the VEXIS Project Team provides you with an Assessment Report documenting the existing and relevant infrastructure, analysis of caller interactions with both your agents and automation.  The report also includes a review of solution options with vendor comparisons.  Finally, the Assessment Report provides a complete set of recommendations and includes strategies, project plans, detailed costs, and benefits, dependencies, and risks.

Now that we have addressed the questions of “how” to know “what” technology to implement and “where” to go to find out, in the next VEXIS Voice we will discuss the benefits to your contact center of implementing new contact center technology solutions or enhancing the contact center technology you currently have in place.

Andrea McCasland, Senior Project and Quality Assurance Manager