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  • Call Center Technology – Making Your Screen “Pop!” - So, a few months ago the VEXIS Voice discussed the benefits of CTI in the article Contact Center Technology – So What!?! Let’s Talk Benefits! Let’s Talk CTI! One of the many benefits profiled was screen pop technology. If you recall, a main benefit of screen pops is “hard” dollar savings in the reduction of… Read More »
  • Contact Center Technology – So What!?! Let’s Talk Benefits! Let’s Talk CTI! - So, as of the last issue, you’ve realized there are a lot of contact center technologies to choose from AND you’ve had your VEXIS Assessment! Now you want to know the “so what” of it all. What does it all mean to me and my business! What are the benefits to my contact center and,… Read More »
  • Call Center Technology – Speech Enabling Your IVR…What’s That? You ‘Say’! - Now would be the time to resolve to enhance your IVR by implementing Speech Recognition technology.   And, VEXIS has the experience to design a speech enabled IVR to fit your functional needs, as well as your budgetary needs.   VEXIS has on staff one of the most experienced VUI Design Engineers in the industry.   Along with… Read More »
  • Extensible and Portable Applications for Your Growing Business - A great deal of consideration is given to selecting the right platform for your contact center. Your IT Infrastructure and Telecom groups are responsible for choosing systems that meet your company’s security, performance, reliability, and other technical requirements. You’ll be pleased to know that VEXIS has partnered with the leading contact center software manufacturers such… Read More »