Call Center Technology – Making Your Screen “Pop!”

By | January 8, 2016

So, a few months ago the VEXIS Voice discussed the benefits of CTI in the article Contact Center Technology – So What!?! Let’s Talk Benefits! Let’s Talk CTI! One of the many benefits profiled was screen pop technology. If you recall, a main benefit of screen pops is “hard” dollar savings in the reduction of agent talk time. Also mentioned were “soft” dollar savings of customer satisfaction. Well, what if you could make screen pops even better by adding additional dollars to the bottom line and better customer service just by adding a complementary technology to it! You’d say, “Unbelievable!” Right? Well, it’s true! By adding a softphone to a screen pop – you add a “one – two” punch to your call center savings and customer satisfaction! Just what the ROI needed!

Okay, so now you ask “Is there a “one – two” punch screen pop and SoftPhone out there that will work with MY call center technology?” And, we at VEXIS say “Yep, there is!”

Over the last few months you’ve been getting updates in the VEXIS Voice by Richard Wolff, VEXIS’ Director of Software R&D on VEXIS Envoy® and VEXIS Envoy® Softphone (ESP). This is the “one – two” punch you’ve been looking for your call center!

Okay, let’s back up. First, why screen pop? Second, why screen pop with a SoftPhone? And third, why Envoy®?

First: Well, as you know from reading the Let’s Talk CTI article, there are many benefits to screen pop technology that hit the bottom line directly. From a reduction in agent talk time to savings in telephony costs the hard dollar savings absolutely cannot be discounted. They can be significant! Also, screen pop technology can be flexible. For example, how about saving even more agent talk time and increasing customer satisfaction even more by adding a flag to the screen pop that shows the caller has already been authenticated!?! Even more, how about having options of the screen pop data to display to the agent screen? An example of this is that the displayed data can be data of your choosing! So, if you don’t want ANI to display, but would like to display only Account Number, you can do that. Further, configurable options to transfer the caller and related call attached data to either another agent or even back into the IVR. Flexibility to meet your call center’s needs is the type of flexibility that a screen pop package should offer.

Second: Now that you’re convinced that screen pop IS the way to go for your call center, let’s add a softphone. What if you didn’t need that hard phone on the desktop? What if all the call control could be right on the agent workstation? From logging in, to entering AUX codes, to ACW, softphone adds flexibility for your agents. Your agent can now do everything on the workstation with no need to move between the mouse and the hard phone! The whole point of the SoftPhone is to not only improve agent productivity, but to SUBSTANTIALLY improve agent productivity.

So, how easy is would it be to set up a home agent with a softphone package? There’s some hard dollars savings right there! If you never considered home agents because of the cost, now you can.

Along with agent satisfaction from an increase in productivity, a SoftPhone can increase customer satisfaction. Your customer interaction with your agent is also more productive because your agent has everything needed to assist that customer right at his/her fingertips, so to speak.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a very large benefit of the SoftPhone and that is reduced telephony costs. Not only are there savings in toll charges due to increased productivity, but there are also savings in hardware – or desktop phone sets. So, with agent satisfaction and productivity increasing, customer satisfaction increasing, and costs decreasing, you can see why adding a softphone to your screen pop is the “one – two” punch you have been looking for to benefit your call center.

Third: Why VEXIS Envoy® and VEXIS Envoy SoftPhone (ESP)? The best thing I can say is for all the points made above. The Envoy® suite of products WILL increase your agent’s productivity, deliver customer satisfaction, reduce telephony costs AND more! The ESP is a flexible tool for your call center. It can not only control your calls, but also can be your screen pop of customer, call attached data. If you have a screen pop within your organization, the ESP can facilitate your screen pop, while allowing call control. ESP also makes excellent use of the agent workstation “real estate” by having a hidden key pad. The agent can expand the keypad when ready to use it. As well, many features of the ESP are configurable to your business needs. AUX codes can be specific to your call center, as can ACW time and/ or whether an agent is auto-magically put into ACW for a determined amount of time. But, best of all, how about a configurable transfer list; configurable to agent, agent group, or to an IVR queue for IVR reinsertion points! I could go on and on about the benefits of the VEXIS Envoy® suite, but I would take all the fun from your VEXIS Account Executive.

So, call your VEXIS Account Executive for your VEXIS CTI assessment and find out how the VEXIS Envoy® suite of products can provide your call center with a “one –two” punch for savings and customer satisfaction!

Andrea McCasland, Senior Project and Quality Assurance Manager