Customer Feedback

support-bgHere’s what customers say about VEXIS Support …

VEXIS Support routinely receives “5 out of 5” ratings in “Professionalism and Knowledge of VEXIS Developer” and “Performance after Implementation” , and “Superior” to VEXIS compared to other companies.

“Wow, [VEXIS Support Tech] already called. Thanks so much for the awesome service! Like always! You guys are great.  And I truly mean it.  I enjoy working with every one of you!

“I always receive excellent support from [VEXIS Support Tech] .”

“[VEXIS Support Tech] always respond to our request and  solve problems in a timely matter and is well deserved for commendation.“

“Ease of working with [VEXIS Support Tech] and his quick response and knowledge of the system to resolve the issue. Communication was great.”

“[VEXIS Support Tech] understood our requirements very well, and time to resolution was especially quick.”

“[VEXIS Support Tech] always makes the extra effort to help me.”

“On Friday at 4:45pm, [VEXIS Support Tech] received a support call from us for a text-to-speech issue. He stayed in the office until after 8pm even though he was not on call for after-hours support.  He diagnosed the issue and reinstalled patches to correct the error.  His dedication to the customer and willingness to see the ticket to resolution on a Friday night is greatly appreciated.“

From a partner …”Even though VEXIS Support and I both suspected a problem outside of our environment, VEXIS truly went the extra mile to diagnose it. It did indeed turn out to be a slowdown on our database server, but we were able to address the customer with confidence thanks to the VEXIS team. I have had really good experiences with VEXIS, and, as a technical support engineer myself, I can appreciate the level of service I received.”