solutions-bg2Upgrading aging above-ground contact center systems to utilize Internet Protocol (IP) networks and VoIP can reduce congestion, improve the accuracy of call routing, extend the benefits of CTI, and dramatically enrich the caller experience by unifying voice and data.  It extends enterprise information systems and know-how to the call center, and is the starting point for converged information, communications and transaction solutions.  It is within reach and, done the VEXIS way, maximizes investment to-date.

Enhance Agent Desktops with VoIP and VEXIS Envoy

IP-enabled agent desktops that utilize VEXIS Envoy and Envoy SoftPhones (ESP) are easy to install and manage, and integrate seamlessly with virtually any backend system. Even better, the agent environment and customer experience can be rich and consistent no matter where they’re based: in centralized or distributed call centers – whether owned, outsourced or both – anywhere in the world.  And ‘virtual’ call centers of home-based agents with no traditional infrastructure are improving caller service, retaining skilled staff, and driving down the cost of assisted service.

IP Networks  Enable Unified, Multi-channel Interactions

Outbound notification can be more personal and convenient when it includes mobile messaging as well as recorded voice delivery. Passwords, access codes and other routine but user-specific tasks can be accomplished more efficiently, effectively and conveniently for users and businesses when mobile messaging is added to email notification.  And the user experience can become more unified and consistent when a single application is delivered across multiple channels.