ENVOY® – The Multi-Channel Middleware

missing-piece-bg2envoy-featuredENVOY® is the extensible middleware framework of adaptive data services developed by VEXIS

Companies want to improve customer service as well as reduce costs, but lack of integration or a unified view of multiple applications and data sources is a major inhibitor to both. ENVOY® is an extensible, standards-based middleware framework of data services that improves both the utilization and reach of backend applications and data for the corporate contact center and beyond. It supports efficient, consistent, high-quality service at every touchpoint, including the web. ENVOY® can improve the customer experience, increase agent productivity, reduce the cost of service, and provide measurable, actionable input to analytics and reporting systems.


Fulfilling the Need for Systems to Work Together

Self-Service Channels and Data systems work, but often not together. Companies want to create better ways to service their customers by making information more accessible to them, but not if it means accessing and managing the information across multiple applications and systems. Changing everything without changing anything is a complicated business and a critical part of customer facing IT initiatives. Envoy® simplifies it.

ENVOY® transforms isolated applications into connected information delivery systems, transforms disparate data into actionable information, and then delivers that information to self-Service channels (IVR, Web and Mobile) and live agents in formats that are clear, consistent, and convenient in the way it is needed and in the way it is best understood.


A Framework for the Future

Using ENVOY®, companies now have a variety of options on how data retrieval can be optimized, how data transmission is standardized and secured, and how information is coordinated to improve customer service through system interoperability. ENVOY® includes tools for context-enabling non-compliant applications so that all data is synchronized around a single customer. ENVOY® uses data federation to more fully leverage your existing technology investments to bridge information gaps along the continuum of service. Additionally, ENVOY® includes configurable interfaces for self-service channels, live agent capabilities through CTI, and additional interface engines — all which work in accordance with common standards so that companies can strengthen the ROI of their existing systems.



  • Standards-based
  • Service Oriented Architecture- Modular framework utilizes plug-ins for connectivity, monitoring, event notification.
  • Modular design supports virtually any commercial or custom application
  • Federated Data model- The ENVOY® server joins data from heterogeneous sources, leaving the data in its original location—without creating data redundancy
  • Enhanced Insight – Integrates and consolidates data to improve quality and usability of analytics and reporting applications.

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