Extensible and Portable Applications for Your Growing Business

By | January 8, 2016

A great deal of consideration is given to selecting the right platform for your contact center. Your IT Infrastructure and Telecom groups are responsible for choosing systems that meet your company’s security, performance, reliability, and other technical requirements. You’ll be pleased to know that VEXIS has partnered with the leading contact center software manufacturers such as Convergys, Genesys and Avaya, and can offer you a platform that will meet your infrastructure requirements.

With all of the effort that goes into putting the right system architecture in place, the application architecture is often overlooked. However, the applications are where the additional value is truly added to your contact center solution. VEXIS deploys applications with a modular, state driven design that isolates the different application components from one another. This approach results in a lower total cost of ownership and allows you to add new dialogs, apply new business rules and logic, and extend and integrate into new data sources and back office applications; in a way that is least disruptive to other areas of the existing application. In contrast, hard-coding the business logic and backend data transactions directly into the self service application significantly increases the costs and risks of ongoing application enhancements and virtually eliminates any portability.

Regardless of your platform, VEXIS will utilize the tools and methodologies described below to build applications that are truly extensible, portable, and scalable.

The VEXIS State Machine for Standardized and Flexible Applications

The VEXIS State Machine is a set of industry best practice programming standards that utilizes data driven applications and standardized reusable application modules. The heart of the VEXIS State machine is a state transition table that contains data that describes what state an IVR self service application will move to based on the current state and other inputs. Used in conjunction with Envoy® middleware, the VEXIS State Machine architecture allows the development and deployment of highly scalable and highly flexible IVR applications.

ENVOY® for Data and System Integration

ENVOY® is an extensible, standards-based middleware framework of data services that improves both the utilization and reach of backend applications and data for the corporate contact center and beyond. It supports efficient, consistent, high-quality service at every touchpoint, including the web. In addition to the data integration plug-ins, Envoy® also provides support for leading CTI systems and its modular design can be extended to support virtually any commercial or custom application.

V-tilities for Managing Application Business Rules

V-tilities is a web-based administration console that gives you the ability to self-administer and customize your applications. By giving you more control over the day to day management of your applications, the costs of ongoing application modifications by a third party are significantly reduced. The ASR Speech Administration Module allows you to modify speech recognition parameters to instantly fine-tune or correct problems with callers’ spoken input. A Caller Transfer Module provides instant access to transfer points within your IVR application, allowing you to route these exit points to other ACD groups, skills, or call centers. The DNIS Universal Gateway Routing Module supplies a comprehensive view into your IVR insert points, making it easy to point new and existing inbound phone numbers to different applications, or specific greetings and insert points within a single application. Finally, the IVR Message Administration Module allows you to self-administer your open hours, establish special holiday hours, and play special messages during maintenance windows.

Variplay for Managing System Prompts

Variplay is an application module developed by VEXIS Systems to increase the efficiency, expandability, and naturalness of the IVR voice. Most IVR platforms support the read-back of dynamic data through a fixed set of system prompts in multiple languages with either a male or female pre-recorded voice. Variplay takes this concept to the next level by integrating a dynamic, multi-language, multi-voice engine that allows for a natural, human-like dialog with your customers. Expanded set of system prompts and an intelligent prosody engine allows Variplay to read back dynamic data elements such as currency amounts, credit card numbers, ZIP codes, and dates with rising and falling intonation and appropriate pauses and hesitation. Variplay supports multiple languages and even multiple voices within a single language.

VEXIS empowers its customers with reliable and flexible contact center solutions that are ready to change and grow at the pace of your business.

Jacob Martin, Vice President of Operations and Solution Services