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Envoy® Updates – Cisco ICM Support

In this issue we will introduce the latest enhancement to the Envoy® framework – Cisco ICM support! The new Envoy® Cisco ICM interface enables the Envoy® Server to communicate with the Cisco ICM Peripheral Gateway (PG). Using the same developer friendly XML message based protocol available for all Envoy® deployments the Envoy® Cisco ICM interface… Read More »

Envoy® Updates – Envoy Client Software Development Kit (SDK)

In this issue we will introduce the latest enhancement to the Envoy® framework – the Envoy® Client Software Development Kit (SDK). The Envoy® Client SDK enables any custom application to quickly leverage the power of the Envoy® Server’s Plugins. A “Plugin” can add communication to backend systems, centralize business logic, provide CTI functionality, manage pooled… Read More »

Envoy® Updates – Envoy® Server Resource Management

In this issue we will explore how Envoy® Server puts to use the concept of “resource management” in several ways that lead to remarkable performance, flexibility, and feature set. First things first though – what is resource management? Well, it is management of one or more resources, of course. Hmmm, let me try that again.… Read More »

Troubleshooting Tactics – Part 2

In a previous issue of the VEXIS Voice, I discussed some of the tactics for effective troubleshooting that we successfully employ at VEXIS Systems. Much of the process we use for solving problems was derived from “The 10 Step Universal Troubleshooting Process” by Steve Witt. Here are a few of the steps we discussed in… Read More »

Extensible and Portable Applications for Your Growing Business

A great deal of consideration is given to selecting the right platform for your contact center. Your IT Infrastructure and Telecom groups are responsible for choosing systems that meet your company’s security, performance, reliability, and other technical requirements. You’ll be pleased to know that VEXIS has partnered with the leading contact center software manufacturers such… Read More »

Text To Speech: Impersonating the Human Voice

Back in the mid 1980’s, I got my first real computer – a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A.  While playing a game called “Alpiner”, I was precariously trying to move my climber to the top of a summit when a rock knocked the little guy off a ledge.  As I started again towards the summit, the game… Read More »