VEXIS Utility Portal

solutions-bg2A comprehensive suite of applications for Utility companies

From day-to-day operations to emergency response, utility companies must manage operations, employees, and customers around the clock.  The VEXIS Utilities Portal is a comprehensive suite of applications that address each critical business area.

Customer Service

Give residential and commercial customers private, convenient, 24×7 access to account, credit, and billing information by phone and web. Customers can report outages and schedule service which will be linked to the Scheduling modules to complete and verify service delivery.


Whether for routine maintenance or in response to major outages, the VEXIS suite is a fast, reliable way to schedule, coordinate, and dispatch crews via cell phones, pagers, email, and fax. There is also a model that communicates information ranging from peak usage to estimated outage duration and on-site repair schedules across multiple channels.


Improve efficiency, security, and reduce costs by automating routine HR and Help Desk tasks such as: address changes, direct deposit, benefits enrollment and changes; employee and salary verification; job postings; and password resets. Report IT issues, track status, dispatch IT staff, and notify recipients via phone, email or web.