solutions-bg2V-tilities enhances and manages IVR systems from a single, browser-based console, and leverages both IVR and web investments. V-tilities extends the capabilities of IVR systems in key functional areas including management, reporting, and data integration across multiple channels including web, chat, email, and fax, as well as IVR and speech.

Foundation modules include:

  • ASR Speech Administration – fine tune speech and DTMF call control
  • Caller Transfer – allows dynamic call scheduling and distribution
  • Credit Card Verification – protects online, telephone, OCR transactions
  • DNIS Universal Gateway – manage service levels by DNIS
  • Dynamic Prompting – consolidated, tabular view  and prompt administration
  • Error Handling – diagnose, clean and/or terminate applications
  • Password Encryption – high-level encryption security for password files

Additional modules are available for functions such as message administration, optical character recognition (OCR), name and address,  text-to-speech, agent desktop and many others, as well as application modules from our industry portfolio.

V-tilities work seamlessly with the VEXIS ENVOY suite of middleware to optimize data integration and utilization.