solutions-bg2Biometric voice security with multi-factor authentication

With fraud and identity theft attempts on the rise, companies are turning to biometric security to control access, and protect information and assets. VEXIS SecureVoice is biometric voice security with multi-factor authentication that, with a single automated transaction, secures an entire call through self-service, agent-assistance, and transfers.

SecureVoice is easy to enroll and manage, and allows users to record a variety of challenge question responses that don’t require disclosure of account numbers, PINs, or other information that shouldn’t be overheard.  It works with other security measures such as numeric touchtone, speech entries, and caller identification to create a richly layered security environment.

Although outsourcing continues to be a cost-effective way to offer assisted service, both enterprises and their callers have growing concerns about the safety and privacy of sensitive, personal information. The VEXIS SecureVoice solution can be installed in the protected enterprise to authenticate callers before they are transferred to agents in owned and outsourced call centers – as well as those based at home.

VEXIS SecureVoice is an easy yet state-of-the-art security solution that can be integrated seamlessly with IVR, Speech, CTI, and Agent Desktop systems.