SecureVoice Banking

solutions-bg2VEXIS SecureVoice Banking – security and convenience for you and your customers

Banks were early adopters of IVR technologies to automate a variety of customer interactions, extending their effective hours of operation and optimizing real estate and staffing resources. But customers have become increasingly frustrated with inefficient, old-fashioned , impersonal IVRs – and banks are concerned about security, making web and voice experiences consistent, and marketing services and service levels effectively.

VEXIS SecureVoice Banking dramatically improves the caller experience, increases automation and call completion rates, and reduces call duration and cost. SecureVoice uses voice print authentication for both self-service and agent-assisted voice banking to secure the entire call in a single, automated process.

We leverage technology enhancements such as IP networking, speech recognition, and ENVOY integration to make interactions more personal and efficient.  A caller’s status, history, and preferences are used to dynamically route calls and tailor interactions for maximum effectiveness, and create opportunities to selectively market services during and after the call.

VEXIS SecureVoice Banking integrates with commercial and custom core banking applications as well as enterprise and contact-center software and systems infrastructure. Our comprehensive range of proven, pre-built modules reduce development and deployment time and cost. It’s the win-win-win solution with customers, operations and finance.

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