Improved End-User Experience

The world has gone mobile. With 58% of American adults owning a smartphone and 42% owning a tablet computer, it‘s clear mobile is becoming a standard communication method for users. Offering a mobile IVR service via mobile devices allows users to participate more easily in self-service options on the go, and, most importantly, at their own convenience

VEXIS Systems’ Envoy Mobile is an innovative new development framework that allows customers to build a seamlessly integrated mobile application. Using a web-based connection to any VEXIS Envoy Portal application flow, it presents options to users via their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. With no telephony resources required, the Envoy mobile platform operates parallel to voice and web platforms enabling customers to take advantage of multi-media interactions anywhere, anytime.

Simply embed the Mobile IVR Navigator code into your existing mobile app or contract our Advanced Services team to build a custom app for you