Installation, Maintenance & Support

solutions-bg2VEXIS excels at initiating and completing solutions along every step of our VIP practice, and 99% of our customers stay with us after their project is deployed. But other customers turn to VEXIS for post-deployment services on projects we did not implement – for a variety of reasons.

Mergers and acquisitions are driving call center consolidations which too often begin with a hodgepodge of systems by multiple vendors bought at different times.  It is particularly challenging when the agendas of these vendors is competitive displacement of other brands – which seldom serves the best interests of the company’s financial, operational or caller service objectives.  VEXIS can integrate disparate systems into a cohesive whole that can be redeployed and maintained with minimal service and user disruption. The unified system can work better, last longer, and be easier to manage.

Consolidation supports corporate objectives of greater self-sufficiency in data center, network, and contact center operations. But interactive voice application skills are highly specialized, and few enterprise teams have the experience and bandwidth to accomplish these projects on their own.  VEXIS supplements in-house resources with seasoned professionals who can guide projects to success, and create a seamless administrative environment with clear escalation procedures.

Some customers turn to us when their original vendor is no longer able to service their systems. VEXIS can assess these implementations and offer a range of services from maintenance and tuning to migration and upgrades. Our broad range of support options include management of on-premise systems and system outsourcing in secure hosting facilities, as well as traditional business day and 24×7 access.

Whatever the reason, even if VEXIS wasn’t your original provider, we are here to provide post-purchase installation, maintenance and support services, as well as product and consulting offerings.  Please give us a call to learn more.