Discovery & Vision

solutions-bg2Discovery and Vision Engagement is the industry’s leading independent speech technology evaluation service. Our multi-platform expertise enables us to objectively educate clients on the merits of various speech technologies, including recognition engines, TTS, verification, SLM, telephony platforms, hosting options, and tools. VEXIS VUI design and optimization, creates a user-centric focus from the outset, and helps clients understand the entire application life cycle.

It is not unusual to involve more than half a dozen vendors in a complete speech solution. Take the sheer number of players, add in the complexity of speech technology, and top it off with the comprehensive requirements of corporate procurement, and organizations can easily spend 6 months or more just getting to an RFP. And there is no guarantee that the RFP will elicit the quality of responses necessary for a successful speech project. Typical Vision clients complete the RFP documentation process in less than 6 weeks, with a high degree of confidence in the results.

Other benefits of the Vision Engagement include:

  • Comprehensive audit of existing infrastructure.
  • Selection of suitable applications for speech.
  • Vendor independent technology assessment
  • Holistic analysis of all customer touchpoints.
  • Detailed documentation and personalized service.

Start your speech project with VEXIS’ Discovery and Vision, and get off on the right foot with the technology your callers will use for years to come.