AlphaCheck™ VUI Assessment

solutions-bg2AlphaCheck™ VUI Assessment

The speech industry’s only independent VUI assessment program. If you are unsure of your VUI’s performance, we offer a full range of assessment products. Tuning engagements begin with our AlphaCheck™ interface assessment program. Front-ending a remediation program with assessment has several benefits:

  • A clear go/no go decision can be made to engage in a tuning project Hotspots are clearly identified.
  • Baseline performance can be established, against which tuning improvements can be judged.
  • Tuning activities can be prioritized, weighing anticipated improvement and expense.

AlphaCheck™ includes interface grading, latency test, whole call review, HotSpot analysis and a Quick Fix Plan.

AlphaCheck™ – Know Your Speech Interface

VEXIS AlphaCheck is the only speech interface assessment program that not only tells you what’s wrong with your interface, but more importantly, how to fix it. Based upon analysis of engine call logs, our tuning experts help AlphaCheck clients understand their interface performance, and take concrete steps towards optimization. An AlphaCheck answers questions such as:

  • How can I easily understand interface performance and link it back to completion rate?
  • Which states have usability issues? Why?
  • How many and what types of errors are my callers encountering?
  • How much would a tuning cycle cost, and what would be the results?

LogSense™ Analysis

The VEXIS LogSense process analyzes speech engine call logs and actual caller utterances to identify trouble spots in your application.   We drill down to the dialog state level, uncovering usability, quality assurance, coding, prompt confusability, raw recognition, engine parameter, and other application deficiencies.

QuickFIX Plan™

Information without action is information wasted. Our QuickFIX Plan, or QFP, provides a laundry list of application issues with recommendations and cost estimates. And to help clients cost justify the expense, we estimate the resulting change in performance for the tuning activity, so an accurate cost-benefit decision can be made.

AlphaCheck Client Consultation and AlphaCheck Report

Once our analysis is complete, your VEXIS consultant will schedule an AlphaCheck consultation and present a state by state analysis of how your callers are interacting with the application to help you understand where you might want to focus repair and tuning activities.

Order AlphaCheck™
To arrange an AlphaCheck, please give us a call at 866-58-VEXIS.