VEXIS Products


ENVOY is an extensible middleware framework of adaptive data services developed by VEXIS.

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VEXIS SecureVoice is an easy yet state-of-the-art security solution, which uses biometric voice security with multi-factor authentication, that can be integrated seamlessly with IVR, Speech, CTI, and Agent Desktop systems.

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SecureVoice Banking

VEXIS SecureVoice Banking dramatically improves the caller experience, increases automation and call completion rates, and reduces call duration and cost. SecureVoice uses voice print authentication for both self-service and agent-assisted voice banking to secure the entire call in a single, automated process.

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VEXIS Utility Portal

From day-to-day operations to emergency response, utility companies must manage operations, employees, and customers around the clock.  The VEXIS Utilities Portal is a comprehensive suite of applications that address each critical business area.

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V-tilities enhances and manages IVR systems from a single, browser-based console, and leverages both IVR and web investments. V-tilities extends the capabilities of IVR systems in key functional areas including management, reporting, and data integration across multiple channels including web, chat, email, and fax, as well as IVR and speech.

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