Core Offerings


VEXIS supports traditional and IP telephony in mixed- protocol, multi-vendor implementations. We utilize the infrastructure you have as well as the best combination of new components to create seamless, best-in-class automated service environments that enhance caller satisfaction while reducing costs-per-call. Our industry leading VXML application framework allows for rapid applicaiton development as well as seamless integration with Envoy Reporting & Analytics (ERA).

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Design and integration are always major success factors with voice applications, and the VIP (VEXIS Interaction Process) helps assure a tight, well-defined and well-executed project. To address the special considerations of speech-enabled applications, VEXIS extended VIP – the gold standard of project management – with a set of speech-specific practices.

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VEXIS CTI does not require wholesale migration of existing infrastructure to a single vendor, which helps our customers enjoy the benefits of CTI screen pop solutions, sustain returns on existing investments, and right-size migration and upgrades. the VEXIS ENVOY® middleware provides prebuilt plugins for seamles connectivty with Aspect, Avaya, Cisco, CTConnect, & Genesys CTI servers and supports deployments with traditional telephony infrastructure as awell as VoIP enabled telephony environments.  

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Secure access and the continuity of information across all customer touchpoints are hallmarks of VEXIS systems and our web portal solutions are no exception. For over 17 years VEXIS has been developing custom web self-service solutions that provide real-time data integration with back office data systems. 

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VEXIS Systems’ ENVOY® Mobile is an innovative new development framework that allows for seamlessly integrated mobile applications. Using a web-based connection to any VEXIS Envoy Portal application flow, it presents options to users via their smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. The Envoy mobile platform operates parallel to voice and web platforms enabling customers to take advantage of multi-media interactions anywhere, anytime.

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Upgrading aging above-ground contact center systems to utilize Internet Protocol (IP) networks and VoIP can reduce congestion, improve the accuracy of call routing, extend the benefits of CTI, and dramatically enrich the caller experience by unifying voice and data.

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ENVOY® Reporting & Analytics (ERA) helps contact centers and enterprises maintain operational excellence and service quality, understand and accommodate variable usage patterns, and right-size each component in their customer service environment.  ENVOY® is standards-based and platform-independent middleware and application framework to unify and extend multi-vendor and multi-channel environments. It consolidates real-time reporting data from disparate customer touchpoits into a single reporting engine, allowing managers to view and anlayze customer interactions across multiple channels and disparte systems in one place. 

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Data Integration

Data Driven Design is not just our motto it is at the core of our solution development process and the primary reason we created the ENVOY® Middleware Framework. Using ENVOY®, companies now have a variety of options on how data retrieval can be optimized, how data transmission is standardized and secured, and how information is coordinated to improve customer service through system interoperability. ENVOY® includes tools for context-enabling non-compliant applications so that all data is synchronized around a single customer. ENVOY® uses data federation to more fully leverage your existing technology investments to bridge information gaps along the continuum of service. Additionally, ENVOY® includes configurable interfaces for self-service channels, live agent capabilities through CTI, and additional interface engines — all which work in accordance with common standards so that companies can strengthen the ROI of their existing systems.

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A comprehensive VEXIS Assessment evaluates the current state of your customer service and integrated systems, and maps these together with your current business and service objectives against best practices, corporate standards, and the readiness of infrastructure and staff. 

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